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Annabelle 2: la création du mal (2017)
Annabelle 2: la création du mal (2017)
109 minutes
/ 10
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
David F. Sandberg
Gary Dauberman, Gary Dauberman
Anthony LaPaglia, Samara Lee, Miranda Otto, See full cast & crew
Anthony LaPaglia, Samara Lee, Miranda Otto, Brad Greenquist, Lulu Wilson, Talitha Eliana Bateman, Stephanie Sigman, Mark Bramhall, Grace Fulton, Philippa Coulthard, Tayler Buck, Lou Lou Safran, Joseph Bishara, Alicia Vela-Bailey, Jesse Giacomaszzi
You don't know the real story
The manufacturer of dolls Samuel Mullins is a happy family man with his wife Esther and their daughter Bee, who dies hit by a car. Twelve years later, Samuel welcomes a group of orphan girls and a nun from a closed orphanage at home. He tells that only a closed room (that belonged to Bee) and Esther's room would be off limits for the girls. The crippled girl Janice sneaks in Bee's room during the night and sees a doll inside a closet. She plays in the room and soon she is haunted by an evil force. What has Janice unleashed in Bee's room?
Also known as:
(original title) = Annabelle: Creation, (working title) = Annabelle 2, Argentina = Annabelle 2: La creación, Australia = Annabelle: Creation, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian title) = Anabela 2, Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) = Анабел 2: Сътворение, Brazil = Annabelle 2: A Criação do Mal, Canada (French title) = Annabelle 2 - La création du mal, Chile = Anabelle 2: La Creación, Czech Republic = Annabelle 2: Zrození zla, Germany = Annabelle 2, Denmark = Annabelle 2: Skabelsen, Estonia = Annabelle: Loomine, Spain = Annabelle: Creation, France = Annabelle 2: la création du mal, Croatia (alternative title) = Anabela 2, Croatia = Annabelle: Početak, Hungary = Annabelle 2: A teremtés, Israel (Hebrew title) = Annabelle 2, Sri Lanka = Aenabel: Nirmanaya, Lithuania = Anabele 2, Mexico = Annabelle 2: la creación, Norway = Annabelle 2: Creation, New Zealand (English title) = Annabelle: Creation, Peru = Annabelle 2: La creación, Poland = Annabelle: Narodziny zła, Portugal = Annabelle 2: A Criação do Mal, Romania = Annabelle 2, Serbia = Anabel 2: Stvaranje zla, Serbia (alternative title) = Anabela 2, Russia = Проклятие Аннабель: Зарождение зла, Singapore (English title) = Annabelle: Creation, Slovenia = Annabelle: stvarjenje, Turkey (Turkish title) = Annabelle: Kötülügün Dogusu, Ukraine = Анабель 2, USA = Annabelle: Creation, Uruguay (original subtitled version) = Annabelle 2: La creación, World-wide (English title) (informal title) = Annabelle 2
Media type:
Year: 2017
CD: 1
Language: Arabic
Downloads: 1
Uploaded by: administrator

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